The Fur Debate – An Interesting Article

When looking over the Financial Times, we came across an interesting article regarding the big fur debate which was written by Gillian Tett. It brought to our attention how times have changed over the years regarding the attitudes of fashion towards fur products.

An interesting point that was addressed within the article is how public perception of fur has had such a dramatic impact within our lifespan. Think of it like this, back to the caveman days fur was an essential piece of clothing for survival, which links back to a quote of Gillian’s, ‘’ Having lived in Russia I now realise that fur is extraordinarily effective at combating extreme cold.’’ However fast forward to modern days around 20 years ago and anyone who wore fur were, ‘’ being doused in red paint in the streets by angry protesters.’’

Why is it that fur has such a strong impact on some individuals but not the fact that people still consist to , ‘’ wear leather, eat factory farmed meats or buy most types of fast fashion.’’

Fur has been labelled a certain way through different public perceptions over the years but in many cases, ‘’ Fur is not always associated with animal cruelty,’’ for example, ‘’ Vermont are making coats out of road kill.’’

Due to our advance technology, ‘’ It is now extremely easy to produce fake fur.’’ Although Looking Elegant only supply real and high quality top end fur products, the production of fake fur has turned around people’s Views as more and more people that begin to purchase these fake fashion statements the less stigma there is about the real stuff!

As quoted by Gillian, ‘’ in some ways this is deeply ironic. In centuries past fur was valuable because it seemed so exclusive and natural. Now its acceptability and prices are rising because of fakes.’’

When we read the article, which started off from Gillian coming across ‘’a collection of fur garments, wrapped in plastic’’ it made us realise that many people have debated about furs acceptance for years and people will still carry on this debate for many years to come but as Gillian Tett says, ‘’Nobody knows if its real.’’ And ‘’I prefer to chuckle at the irony and hope that the next generation of fur coats can be produced in the most humane way.’’ Have a look at our range of top quality fur coats.

Looking Elegant ensure that they source only the highest quality fur, from responsible farms across the globe (mainly Canada). Our mission is to ensure that we provide only the top quality furs to our customers, our promise to them is that each and every product we sell has been given our approval and that we know exactly where it was sourced and who made it.

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Article Source: Gillian Tett, – January 24/25 2015